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Whitening Lux Lotion


Presentation: 100 ml. Active ingredients: Geno-whitening and glaring peptide, retinol, arbutin, glabridine and glycyrrhetinic acid, vitamin B3, chlorella bioferment and white lupine proteins.

Real Blood Gel Moisturiser


Real Blood Gel is a purifying concentrated facial gel that is free from perfume, colourings or silicons. It is suitable for oily and combination skins.  Ideal first moisturizing cream product for young skin. Real Blood...

Lipoglaucin Crema: anti-cellulite and body shaping cream


Lipo Glaucin Cream is a unique revolutionary product for body contour correction and modeling. The cream is based on a unique patented complex Lipoglaucin™, which has a powerful fat-burning lymph drainage and detoxifying...


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Best Selling

Eye Care Cream Clinik SPF10


Tegoder Clinik Line Eye Care Cream SPF 10 is designed to bring rejuvenating effects for skin around the eyes. It moisturizes, soothes, eliminates swelling and evens out skin imperfections to meet the...

Clinik Skin Total Solution Cream SPF15


Innovative revitalising facial cream with SPF 15. Based on pure hyaluronic acid, activating peptides, collagen, elastin, vitamins and bioactive minerals, it effeciently acts providing the skin a younger, radiant and healthy look....

Absolute O2 Vitamin Moisturising Cream


Oxygenating cream is perfect  for dry, dehydrated and sensitive skins. Thanks to hyaluronic acid,  Absolute O2 cream is a beautiful natural moisturiser, which leaves skin smooth, soft and elastic. Hydrolyzed collagen reduces...

HA Hyaluronic Acid Face Cleanser


Hyaluronic acid cleansing emulsion Facial cleansing emulsion of pure hyaluronic acid enriched with vitamins and bioactive minerals. Huypoallergenic perfume, paraben free, and no colourings. Presentation: 200 ml Action: It provides cleansing in...

Perfect Skin Enzyme Peeling


This ultra-efficient enzyme peeling is based on olive seeds powder and silk proteins. It gently scrubs away dull surface cells to reveal clean, fresh and healthy skin. It unclogs pores, improves skin...

Oil Clean Line Purifying Mask


Facial mask for oily skins, 75 ml Active ingredients: White clay, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, ylang-ylang, burdock, gentian and myrrh.

Face masks

Absolute Fusion Face Mask: hydrating, nourishing and protecting


Hydrating, nourishing and protecting facial mask, which improves the barrier function of the skin, maintaining the hydric balance, provides vitamins and facilitates the transport of nutrients, protects from free radicals and reinforces...

Oil Clean Line Purifying Mask


Facial mask for oily skins, 75 ml Active ingredients: White clay, wheat germ, brewer's yeast, ylang-ylang, burdock, gentian and myrrh.

Perfect Skin Mineral Mask I


Moisturising face mask, 75 ml Perfect Skin 1 Line designed for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.Recovers moisturising qualities of the skin. Fights dryness, flaking, irritation and other issues of extra sensitive skin.

Perfect Skin Mineral Mask II


Facial mask based on a combination of oligominerals and natural ingredients that provide the skin with bactericidal, regenerating and healing actions making it an efficient anti-acne treatment. 75 ml

Whitening Lux Mask


Presentation: 100 ml. Active ingredients: White clay, geno-whitening and glaring peptide, vitamin C, retinol, arbutin, glabridine and glycyrrhetinic acid.


Deluxe Caviar Moisturising Serum


Moisturising, regenerating, and revitalising facial serum, which achieves a supple, tight and bright skin from the first application.A concentrate serum based on pure caviar that, in a very light and easily absorbed...

Deluxe Codic Fensine Serum


Codic Fensine™ Serum is an exclusive ultra-revitalising face serum, born from the latest scientific advances, which combines the luxury and power of black diamond, black truffle and Codic Fensine™ complex, apart from...

Dermaflash Instant beauty ampoules


Instant beauty ampoules with tightening effect and moisturising, anti-wrinkle and firming action, which fix make-up and improve the skin tone. Tegoder Cosmetics reinvents a delicate and renewed formula for immediate beauty. Tegoder Complementary...

Gold Orchid Cotton Nectar


Real beauty and youth nectar, which reduces and prevents glycation and stops premature cellular death. Presentation: 30 ml Active principles: Orchid biosaps, cotton extract, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10, lysine and vitamins.

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