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Stockists and Professional Use Skincare

Tegoder offers a large selection of products for professional use at competitive prices. 

From face masks and peelings to body spa treatments, each product and treatment comes with a detailed skincare protocol and aftercare recommendations and advice.

Some of the lines are presented in our shop as retail products, however to get professional catalogue with protocols, expected products consumption/profitability and prices please contact us directly. Alternatively, you can apply for a professional user account here.

You need to provide us with the professional evidence for us to supply you with a catalogue. Below you can find a few examples of some of our lines.

Key professional skincare lines by Tegoder

Complementary Line

Cleansing & Toning

  • Grape Seed Cleansing Milk (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - gentle cleansing emulsion for all skin types, except for acne prone ones.
  • Honey Tonic Lotion (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - alcohol-free tonic lotion for all skin types except acne prone ones.


  • Enzym Peeling (75 ml retail, 200 ml salon) - double action exfoliant cream: physical and enzymatic exfoliation.
  • Bionic Peeling (100 ml salon only) - 3-acid gel with exfoliating action for all skin types, except ones with infectious acne.
  • PH Recovery Vitamin C Serum (100 ml salon only) - neutralises Bionic Peeling action
  • Skin Peeling 3F Mask (240 g salon only) - mixture of natural dry extracts with triple exfoliant action: mechanical, biological (alkaline peeling) and enzymatic. Suitable for all skin types as well as anti-age treatments and depigmenting treatments.
  • Skin Peeling 3F Solution (50 ml salon only) - activating thermal solution with hot effect (no hyperemia).

Others: creams, masks & serums

  • Calming cream (100 ml retail & salon) - facial cream for all skin types except oily and/or acne prone ones.
  • Calming mask (200 ml salon only) - calming face mask for all skin types.
  • Dermaflash vials (22x 2 ml retail) - tightening gel with immediate effect.
  • Hydration Impact SPF 15 (100 ml retail) - protecting and moisturising cream for extreme climates. 
  • Multi-use mask (10 sheets salon only) - cellulose face mask to be used for a number of face professional treatments such as whitening, revitalising, anti-acne, express, etc.
  • Neutra face and body cream (500 ml salon only) - base face and body massage cream suitable for mixing with essential oils

Essential oils

  • Velvet Skin (100 ml salon only) - powdered essential oils with mattifying effect.
  • Energy Points Essence (50 ml salon only) - mixture of energising essential oils for the application with the Shibai® method.

Oil Clean Line - skincare for oily, acne prone skin

  • Desincrustant gel (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - antibacterial cleansing gel.
  • Purifying tonic lotion (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - tonic lotion that regulates the excessive production of oil.
  • Pure concentrate vials (14x 4 ml salon & retail) - purifying concentrated gel.
  • Real blood gel (75 ml retail, 200 ml salon) - mattifiying treatment gel with regenerative action.
  • Purifying cream (50 ml retail, 100 ml salon) - moisturising daily treatment cream with seborrhea regulating action, reduces pore size.
  • Purifying mask (75 ml retail, 200 ml salon) - face mask with calming reaction

Perfect Skin 1 - skincare for sensitive stressed skin

  • Perfect Skin Cleansing milk (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - cleansing milk that strengthens skin's defense qualities
  • Perfect Skin Tonic Lotion (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - tonic lotion that regulates the essential functions of the skin.
  • Perfect Skin Oxygen Activator (300 ml salon only) - activating emulsion of vitamins and minerals.
  • Perfect Skin 1 Mineral Cream (50ml retail, 100ml salon) - daily treatment cream for stressed, dehydrated and reactive skins.
  • Perfect Skin 1 Face Mask (200ml salon & retail) - white clay mask with calming effect.
  • Perfect Skin 1 Vitamin Serum (30ml retail) - concentrated face serum with energising and repairing effects.
  • Perfect Skin 1 Mineral & Vitamin Concentrate (

Perfect Skin 2 - skincare for oily and combination skin

  • Perfect Skin Cleansing milk (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - see above
  • Perfect Skin Tonic Lotion (200 ml retail, 500 ml salon) - see above
  • Perfect Skin Oxygen Activator (300 ml salon only) - see above
  • Perfect Skin 2 Mineral Cream (50ml retail, 100ml salon) - treatment cream for combination and oily skins or
    with eczemas.
  • Perfect Skin 2 Mineral Mask (200ml retail & salon) - white clay mask
  • Perfect Skin 2 Vitamin Serum (30ml retail) - intensive face serum
  • Perfect Skin 2 Mineral & Vitamin Concentrate (22x2ml salon & retail) - face concentrate based on minerals, vitamins, Coleus forskohlii, hyaluronic acid and other highly intensive active ingredients.

Whitening Lux Line - whitening blemish-fighting skincare 

  • Whitening Lux Lotion (100ml retail, 200ml salon) - concentrated face lotion with depigmenting action
  • Whitening Lux Cream (50ml retail, 200ml salon) - daily treatment cream with whitening and anti-oxidant actions.
  • Whitening Lux Mask (200ml retail & salon) - whitening face mask with calming action.
  • Whitening Lux Face Cleanser (200ml retail, 500ml salon) - face cleanser emulsion for hyperpigmented and atonic skins.
  • Whitening Lux Face Tonic (200ml retail, 500ml salon) - face toner suitable for hyperpigmented and atonic skins.
  • Whitening Lux Foam (200ml retail & salon) -  exfoliating face foam suitable for hyperpigmented and atonic skins.

Absolute Fusion Line - moisturising skincare for all skin types

  • Hydra O2 Vitamin Collagen Serum (30ml retail) - two serums in one jar for for all skin types.
  • Absolute O2 Cream (50ml retail) - treatment cream that stimulates skin’s oxygenation.
  • Absolute Vitamin Cream (50ml retail) - treatment cream with restructuring action.
  • Absolute Fusion Salon Mask (200ml salon only) - moisturising and calming face mask for all skin
  • Absolute Fusion Algae - highly moisturising face repairing patch.
  • Absolute Fusion Concentrate (50ml salon only) - face serum suitable for all skin types (geranylgeranone, pink quartz and ruby powder, collagen, hyaluronic acid)
  • Absolute Fusion Salon Cream SPF15 (100ml salon only) - antioxidant face cream for dry, normal or combination skin.

Other lines:

  • Marine and thermal Line - skincare for 30-45 years old
  • Black Orchid Moon Line - skincare for mature skin with filling effects
  • Deluxe Line - Antiaging line
  • Deluxe Advance - luxury antiaging products for 50+
  • Deluxe Innovation Line - Fights Flacidity, firms and strengthens skin
  • Black Diamond Line - luxury line for dull, dehydrated, aged, under nourished skins

We also have a wide selection of body care lines and products. Get in touch with us and we will answer all your questions.