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Grape Seed Cleansing Milk

Grape Seed Cleansing Milk

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Cleansing Milk For Face

Cleansing milk is suitable for all skin types (except acne-prone skin), especially those with more sensitive skin. Made with natural ingredients with antioxidant properties such as Aloe vera, grape seed oil and sunflower oil.

Size: 200 ml

How to use: spread on face, neck and neckline, massage for three or four minutes, and rinse with lukewarm water.

Active ingredients and their actions

  • Aloe vera – Moisturising, Soothing, Regenerative
  • Sunflower oil – Antioxidant, Repairing, Nourishing, Moisturising
  • Grape seed oil – Moisturising, Emollient, Antioxidant