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Real Blood Gel Moisturiser

Real Blood Gel Moisturiser

Real Blood Gel is a purifying concentrated facial gel that is free from perfume, colourings or silicons. It is suitable for oily and combination skins. It is an ideal first moisturising cream product for young skin.

Real Blood Gel works as a great moisturiser with regenerating and reparative actions, that smoothes skin, reduces pores and works especially well on mixed and oily skins.

Real Blood Gel Gel quickly restores skin pH balance, improves blood circulation in cells and renovates the protective epidermal barrier. Hyaluronic acid moisturises the skin, smoothing it from the inside and retains moisture in the cells for a long time.

With moisturising, regenerating and repairing action, it mattifies skin and reduces the size of pores. A long lasting effect can be achieved through a simultaneous use of Tegoder Oil Clean Line products, whether using them at home or during professional care provided by a cosmetician.

Use a small amount of gel in the morning / afternoon after cleaning and toning the skin.

Presentation: 75 ml

Ingredients: Hyaluronic acid, tea tree, Centella asiatica, propolis and salicylic acid.

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