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Lipoglaucin is based on an innovative active base made by a neuropeptide that draws lipolysis in lipocytes (fat cells) and a multifunctional molecule that triggers lipolysis and inhibits the creation of new lipocytes. Lipoglaucin favours the reversion of the fatty tissue, reducing the buildup of lipids within the lipocytes and destroying the fat within the fatty tissue. The unique ingredient glaucine launches a number of processes: digests fat into fatty acids, blocks the conversion of normal cells to the fat ones in the body, eliminating the possibility of hypertrophy (increase in volume and weight) of fatty tissue. Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers synthesis and corrects the effects of uncontrolled weight gain. Due to these properties, the professional treatment based on Lipoglaucin visible reduces cellulite appearance and helping sking to recover its firmness. 

The active components of the line: carnitine, red orange essential oil, lemon extract, an extract of red algae (Chondrus Crispus), green tea leaf extract, papaya (papain), glaucine, caffeine, lecithin and glucose accelerate metabolic processes and have a pronounced t lymphatic drainage effect. Caffeine and carnitine help to reduce body fat.