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Oil Clean Line Purifying Cream

Oil Clean Line Purifying Cream

Purifying Day Cream

Moisturising daily cream with seborrhoea-regulating action for oily and combination skins.  It reduces pore size, calms the skin and moisturises it.

This purifying cream makes a great daily treatment for acne and blemish prone, oily and combination skin. This cream's formula is based on non-aggressive and natural ingredients with ylang-ylang and yeast extract, both working as sebaceous regulators.


  • Sebum-regulating, moisturising and purifying daily treatment cream that also reduces the size of the pores.



    Active Ingredients: yeast extract, myrrh, ylang-ylang, willow, rhatany, rock tea and sarsaparilla.

    Application: apply in the morning and evening on cleansed and toned skin.

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