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Bb Cream Spf 30

BB Cream SPF 30

BB Cream by Tegoder Cosmetics, apart from moisturising, protecting and providing colour, it also nourishes and regenerates. Its colour supply is provided by an innovative system of encapsulated colour pigments, which has a controlled release and, consequently, a more homogeneous tone. Pigments are released during the application, melting in contact with the skin, and thus they adapt to the natural colour of the skin. With high protection factor, SPF 30.

Among its ingredients, remark, apart from the encapsulated mineral pigments, magnolia, hyaluronic acid, panthenol, Chondrus crispus, rosehip, and vitamins C, E and F. The action of these ingredients makes our BB Cream a very versatile product for daily treatment, for all skin types, with a wide field of action.