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Skin Care Products And Beauty Wholesalers

We are proud to be the only UK based distributor of natural beauty products by Tegoder, We are supplying beauty products to salons, spas and would be happy to supply Tegoder professional skin care to any beauty professional or salon owner.

Our professional series of skin care are similar to our retail lines, however they come in larger sizes and also contain more aggressive ingredients. If you register a trade account with us, we would be able to offer your a discount on our retail products so that you could pass on those savings to your clients too.

Tegoder Professional Skin Care consist of over 10 facial treatments lines targeting various skin issues and skin types, as well as product lines created specifically for SPA and body care. Each of the product lines comes with a detailed procedure protocol, so that you would know how to achieve the maximum effect from the products.

We are supported by a certified beautician with over then 10 years of experience, who would be able to provide tips and trainings if you are planning to sign a long-term contract.

We are also supplying spa and salon supplies such as disposable towels, non-woven coach rolls, wax strips and other disposable salon products.

We are sorry, but professional products and discounts are available only for beauty industry specialists, therefore we would have to ask you for the proof  – certificate or a document that replaces that.

Would you like to get a quote? Do you want to know about about our offerings or cosmetics? Any questions- just fill in the form below and we will take care of the rest.