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Together with other natural active ingredients, such as jojoba, grape seed and olive oils, Shea butter and vitamins E and F ingredients ensure intensive action.  (*) Certified by EcocertProducts’ composition, rich in natural active ingredients, provides the ONC Dermology products with a remarkable intensive effects: moisturising, repairing,softening,reduce skin redness, soothing. 

All the above makes ONC Dermology a cosmetic line created to help both the skin balance and the natural vitality of the skin and its annexes (nails and hair) and restore skin requiring special care: highly dehydrated and lack-of-lipids skins, sensitive and reactive, peeling and flaking, inflamed skin suffering from redness, with dermatitis: atopic, radiodermitis, etc, with eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, exposed to pollution and other adverse environmental factors or subjected to oncological treatments**  (**) ONC Dermology allows to correctly prepare skin correctly for receiving an oncological treatment, and also minimising the negative effects that these aggressive medical treatments might have on it.