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Desincrustant Gel

Desincrustant Gel

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Purifying Face Cleansing Gel

Purifying face cleansing gel is known for its antibacterial properties which help to clean pores and give a hydrated and younger-looking complexion.

Burdock extract penetrated deep into pores to dissolve dead skin cells and excess oils, preventing the development of unwanted spots.

Purifying Face Cleansing Gel helps to even the skin tone, leaving your skin refreshed and hydrated. It purifies your skin, reduces inflammation and improves its general condition. Specially formulated with myrrh oil which has soothing properties.


  • Deep cleansing gel to treat and prevent spots, brighten blemish marks




  • Smoothens and cleans the skin

Active Ingredients: burdock, lemon and myrrh

Application: apply a small amount on the wet face and massage it with gentle movements, then rinse with warm water. Follow your face cleansing routine with Purifying Tonic Lotion

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