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Hemp Cream Uses

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Hemp Cream Uses

At Tegoder, we have launched our CBD range with different beauty products including our very own Cannabisan hemp cream

Hemp products have become increasingly popular in recent years with products ranging from hemp creams and lotions to hemp body oil. So what is so good about these hemp products, especially hemp creams?

Hemp cream contains hemp seed oil which is extracted from hemp plant seeds. Hemp is also the name given to cannabis plants which contain very little or even no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), compound that makes you feel high. Legal hemp must contain 0.3 percent THC or less. 

Many people have been buying hemp products because of the long list of health benefits that hemp seed oil provides.

Hemp seeds themselves contain a very rich amount of fatty acids, minerals, nutrients and vitamins all of which contribute to their popularity and are the base of their health benefits.

How Does Hemp Cream Work?

Hemp creams are made from hemp seed oil, they are packed with benefits and they are becoming increasingly popular. Due to their components, they provide a unique, natural painkilling and calming actions.

Hemp creams in particular are an excellent way of getting the most out of the benefits of hemp seed oil. Want to find out the benefits of hemp creams? Read on to find out more.

Hemp Cream for Psoriasis

hemp cream for psoriasis

Psoriasis is an autoimmune disease and includes symptoms of inflamed dry red skin, swollen joints and it is classed as a chronic inflammatory disease.

Several studies have shown that hemp seed oil can actually help those who suffer from psoriasis. The reason being that hemp seed oil contains plenty of essential fatty acids.

The essential fatty acids such as omega-3 and omega-6 have numerous healing properties themselves including anti-inflammatory properties which is excellent for those with Psoriasis. They also help to build stronger skin that is more resistant to bacterial infections and also has antimicrobial properties which prevent growth of yeast.

Applying hemp cream, which contains hemp seed oil, can be very beneficial for psoriasis sufferers and ease symptoms including inflammation and dry skin. Regularly applying hemp cream can also strengthen your skin and slow down skin cells growth (psoriasis causes extra cells to build up on your skin).

Hemp Cream for Pain

Hemp Cream for Pain

Many people who suffer from arthritis, inflammation, and any other chronic pain find hemp seed oil to be great for alleviating pain.

Some research has been conducted into this and results show that CBD/Hemp can interact with receptors in your brain and receive chemical signals which may help to reduce your pain.

Applying hemp cream topically on the areas affected is an excellent way to  reduce pain and inflammation.

Hemp Cream for Eczema

Eczema is a generic term for a skin condition that can occur anywhere on the body causing dry, red flaky patches of skin. For those who suffer from eczema, their skin barrier does not function as well as it should and microscopic crack will develop on the outer layer of skin which causes skin to become dehydrated and inflamed.

Atopic dermatitis is the one of the more common forms of eczema and it causes skin dryness and itchiness. Hemp cream is very beneficial to use if you suffer from eczema because it contains omega fatty acids which aid in strengthening skin and hydrating it.

Another benefit of hemp cream is that it won’t interfere with the sebaceous glands that produce oil for the skin. Hemp cream will aid in regulating sebum production and rehydrating your skin, bringing it back into balance.

Additionally, hemp seed oil has been known to reduce inflammation, so applying hemp cream topically will be soothing and comforting if you have eczema.

Hemp Cream for Tattoos

Hemp cream for tattoo

Tattoo aftercare is quite important, but it is also a fact that tattoos can be very painful. Tattoos themselves are essentially an open wound and your body will treat it as such. 

This is where hemp creams come in handy. They are useful in helping to regenerate skin and soothe any inflammation or irritation as a result of the tattoo and reduce the pain you are feeling.

Hemp creams can also help to slow the fading of tattoo colour on the skin. By reducing scabbing, this will also mean less itching and that will reduce the amount of ink loss.

Hemp Cream for Dry Skin

The essential fatty acids found in hemp seed oil are excellent at hydrating your skin. This is why hemp creams are a suitable choice for those who suffer from dry skin. Not only do hemp creams combat dry skin, they are also packed with many other nutrients and vitamins including vitamin E which nourishes and strengthens the skin’s barrier.

Vitamin E also helps to slow down the ageing process and using hemp creams which are packed with many antioxidants helps to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

Ask Your Question About Hemp Cream

We work with a certified UK beautician who can answer your questions about hemp creams and similar products. Leave your question in the comment section below to get professional advice for free. 

Comments on this post (5)

  • Nov 03, 2021

    Can you use Hemp cream on your face or just body for dry skin?

    — Judy Weise

    Dear Judy, thank you for your question. There are plenty of hemp creams our there, and generally speaking, most of them will be suitable for your face too and will help with dryness, thanks to hemp oil, however suitablility depends on ingredients. We won’t suggest using Tegoder Hemp Cream for dry skin on your face. This is a body cream that is perfect for reducing body, muscle and joints pain. If you are looking for a face mosituriser to help with dry skin, we would highly recommend Tegoder’s Perfect Skin 1 product line, it is specifically designed for dry skin that is prone to irritation.

    — Tegoder Team

    — Tegoder Team

  • Aug 23, 2021

    Is Hemp Cream useful for Hemmoriods?

    — Ken Hicks

    Hi Ken, Tegoder hemp cream (and similar creams) shouldn’t be used to treat hemorrhoids.

    — Tegoder Team

  • Aug 23, 2021

    Does Hemp Cream reduce cellulite?

    — Mmaditshipi

    Dear Mmaditshipi, regrettably hemp cream won’t affect cellulite. There are other specialist products that can help you with that, such as this Lipoglaucin system –

    — Tegoder Team

  • Aug 23, 2021

    Is Hemp Cream suitable to rub on Shingles please

    — Lynne O’Brien

    Dear Lynne, thank you for your question. Tegoder Hemp Cream should not be used on shingles.

    — Tegoder Team

  • Aug 23, 2021

    Can hemp cream help with sciatica pain?

    — Honeywell Larry

    Dear Larry, thank you for your question. Tegoder Hemp Cream should be able to help you with sciatica pain. Hope it helps. Tegoder Team

    — Tegoder Team

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