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Purifying Tonic Lotion

Purifying Tonic Lotion

Purifying tonic lotion is a perfect lotion for oily, combination and acne-prone skin. It removes makeup remains and prepares skin for next steps of your skincare routine.

Purifying tonic lotion tones and cleanses your skin and also has a notiacable regenerating, anti-inflammatory and wound healing effect. It normalises work of the sebaceous glands and the pH balance of the skin whilst reducing pores appearance.


  • Cleanses & refreshes your skin whilst reducing its oiliness.




  • Antiseptic and inflammatory properties

Active Ingredients: Hydrolyzed castor oil, lemon extract, glycerin, yeast extract, horsetail extract, dill extract, potassium sorbate. 

Application: use daily in the morning and evening.

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