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Whitening Lux Exfoliating Set

Whitening Lux Exfolianting Set


Whitening and luminating facial treatment for daily care consists of exfoliating facial gel and brush for the treatment of hyperpigmented and dull skins. This treatment is formulated to whiten the face, reverse signs of ageing, maintain skin suppleness and reduce wrinkles.

Whitening Lux Exfoliating Gel inhibits the transport of melanin and optimises its distribution. As its main action, it inhibits MITF gen and deactivates tyrosinase enzyme, therefore, it reduces melanin formation. In addition, it supports cell renewal and provides antioxidant, depigmenting and anti-inflammatory actions, helping skin to shine with healthy glow.

Among its active ingredients it features: a geno-whitening and glaring peptide, alpha and poly hydroxyacids, arbutin, glabridin and glycirrhetinic acid, vitamin B3, chlorella bioferment and white lupine proteins.

This product is oil free and paraben free.