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Absolute Fusion Line

Absolute Fusion Line

Absolute Fusion (ex. Hydra O2 Vitamin Line) is designed specifically for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin, which lacks moisture and and nutrition. Oxygen is is essential to our health and cells maintenance. Young skin gets plenty of oxygen from the environment, while loosing its ability to retain and utilise oxygen with the time. Absolute Fusion Line aims to improve skin condition and to help skin with its oxygenation abilities.

Ingredients such as phospholipids, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase, vitamins A, B and F along with vitamin C rich extracts of strawberry, centella asiatica, raspberry, kiwi fruit will help your skin to retain a flawless, radiant, full of energy and health look.

Products: Absolute Hydra O2 Vitamin Cocktail Skin Ampoules, Absolute O2 Cream – improves skin oxygenation, Absolute Fusion Mask.

Marine & Thermal Antiage Cream

Anti Age

Wide Eyes Beauty Sleep Mask


Black Diamond Eye Gel

Black Diamond

Black Diamond rejuvenating line features luxury ingredients such as black diamond and black truffle. Products of this line recharge the skin’s energy, repair and protect it at the cellular level. An authentic elixir of youth!

As a result of using Black Diamond line products you will get a revitalised and luminous skin. Wrinkles will soften and your skin will get more volume, will become plump and full of energy.

Active ingredients of the line are

black diamond: a luxurious and singular variety of diamond illuminates, stimulates and recharges the skin.

black truffle: a mushroom known as black diamond with a powerful composition of nutrients capable of energizing and revitalizing the millions of cells present in the skin of the face.

Black Orchid Moon Face Cream

Black Orchid Moon

Products of this anti-aging line are designed to provide a sensory experience in addition to improving appearance. This line's efficiency is based on an exclusive combination of black orchid (Cycnoches cooperi), moon orchid (Phalaenopsis amabilis) and orchid stem cells (Bletilla striata).

Three species that are scientifically selected because of their extraordinary antioxidant, protective, revitalising and repairing properties. Other active ingredients of Black Orchid Moon line that strengthen its effects are: Bakuchiol, an innovative retinol-like mild plant-derived ingredient Tsubaki oil, known as the flower of the geishas, the absolute icon of the oriental beauty that restores skin's texture Vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant also providing anti-glycation effects. Products of the line are a pleasure to use due to their texture and exquisite, free of allergen perfumes. This new cosmetic trend known as “sensorial beauty” and it takes care not only of you skin, but also of your experience whilst using the products.

BB Cream SPF 30

Body Lotions & Creams

We provide a range of body lotions and creams to suit any type of skin, even the most sensitive one. Also, some of our products have special actions- such as toning and draining. All our body creams and lotions are completely paraben free too.
Cannabisan Hemp Cream

Body products

Cannabisan Hemp Cream


Products of this line are based on CBD or cannabidiol - one of the active ingredients naturally occurring in hemp plants. It is well know for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties.
Eye Care Cream Clinik Spf10

Clinik Line - Non-Invasive Treatments

Tegoder Clinik Line – is a no surgery and no injections pharmaceutical cosmetics line for skin rejuvenation. Due to the advanced and innovative dermatological research Tegoder laboratory specialists design products providing maximum efficiency in aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures, meeting all the needs of the skin. They combine highly concentrated active ingredients with natural extracts, oils and vitamins, in order to treat the most common skin problems.

The line consists of face and body products which increase skin elasticity; rejuvenate and nourish skin; have a therapeutic effect on the skin – regenerating, renewing and moisturizing; prepare skin for professional procedures (micro-dermabrasion, chemical peeling,  photorejuvenation, etc.)

Dermaflash Instant Beauty Ampoules

Complementary Line

Face care essentials by Tegoder.
Deluxe Line

Deluxe Line

Luxury Line made of high concentration ream with luxury and vitamins’ rich components providing an immediate and prolonged lifting effect with long-lasting hydration. Products quickly and permanently improve the overall quality of the skin: provide excellent anti-aging effects, restoring skin elasticity and a beautiful color.
Whitening Lux Exfoliating Set


Wide Eyes Beauty Sleep Mask

Eye Creams & Treatments

Skin around eyes often requires a special attitude and special care. Tegoder paraben free eye creams and treatments will take care of skin around your eyes.One of the most significant causes of skin aging is photoaging, skin aging provoked by sun exposure. Sun damage may also make dark circles and wrinkles more prominent. Protect skin around your eyes with Eye Care Cream Clinik SPF10.
Cannabisan CBD Cannabidiol Oral Oil

Face & Body Oils

The most gentle and natural way to moisturise your skin is to use oil. Face and body oils wouldn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin. Tegoder face and body oils are free from parabens.
Ha Hyaluronic Acid Face Cleanser

Face Cleansers

All our cleansers and makeup removers are free from parabens and based on natural active ingredients.
Wide Eyes Beauty Sleep Mask

Face Masks

Face mask is an effective way to deliver active ingredients to your skin. A lot of masks are designed to purify your skin, while others would moisturise and nourish it. Tegoder offers a variety of masks to match any skin type or condition. All Tegoder face masks are paraben free. If you are looking for purifying effect or have oily or combination skin try Perfect Skin Mineral Mask II for oily skin or Oil Clean Line Purifying Mask. Perfect Skin Mineral Mask I for dry skin deeply moisturises skin and makes it less flaky or irritated. Absolute Fusion Face Mask helps to even skin surface and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Wide Eyes Beauty Mask is applied overnight and is specifically designed for improving eye contour area.
Perfect Skin Mineral Cream I

Facial products

B45 Collagen Pur

Food Supplements

The Bioespaña brand is a pioneer in the production and distribution of food supplements based on natural ingredients, which provide the body with active ingredients to combat blemishes, weak joints and other beauty disorders. Phytobiodermie is a classical skincare methodology in the world of cosmetics. With more than three decades in the market, this Swiss brand distributed in Spain by Grupo TEGOR provides outstanding results in facial, body and hair care, thanks to its unique products and methodologies. In addition, all products are free of parabens and employes natural antioxidants instead of synthethic ones.These food supplements help your skin and body stay beautiful and healthy.
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