Absolute Fusion (ex. Hydra O2 Vitamin Line) is designed specifically for sensitive, dry and dehydrated skin, which lacks moisture and and nutrition. Oxygen is is essential to our health and cells maintenance. Young skin gets plenty of oxygen from the environment, while loosing its ability to retain and utilise oxygen with the time. Absolute Fusion Line aims to improve skin condition and to help skin with its oxygenation abilities.

Ingredients such as phospholipids, hydrolyzed collagen, hyaluronic acid, superoxide dismutase, vitamins A, B and F along with vitamin C rich extracts of strawberry, centella asiatica, raspberry, kiwi fruit will help your skin to retain a flawless, radiant, full of energy and health look.

Products: Absolute Hydra O2 Vitamin Cocktail Skin Ampoules, Absolute O2 Cream – improves skin oxygenation, Absolute Fusion Mask.

We provide a range of body lotions and creams to suit any type of skin, even the most sensitive one. Also, some of our products have special actions- such as toning and draining. All our body creams and lotions are completely paraben free too.
Products of this line are based on CBD or cannabidiol - one of the active ingredients naturally occurring in hemp plants. It is well know for its anti-inflammatory and calming properties.

Tegoder Clinik Line – is a no surgery and no injections pharmaceutical cosmetics line for skin rejuvenation. Due to the advanced and innovative dermatological research Tegoder laboratory specialists design products providing maximum efficiency in aesthetic treatments and cosmetic procedures, meeting all the needs of the skin. They combine highly concentrated active ingredients with natural extracts, oils and vitamins, in order to treat the most common skin problems.

The line consists of face and body products which increase skin elasticity; rejuvenate and nourish skin; have a therapeutic effect on the skin – regenerating, renewing and moisturizing; prepare skin for professional procedures (micro-dermabrasion, chemical peeling,  photorejuvenation, etc.)

Face care essentials by Tegoder.
Luxury Line made of high concentration ream with luxury and vitamins’ rich components providing an immediate and prolonged lifting effect with long-lasting hydration. Products quickly and permanently improve the overall quality of the skin: provide excellent anti-aging effects, restoring skin elasticity and a beautiful color.
Skin around eyes often requires a special attitude and special care. Tegoder paraben free eye creams and treatments will take care of skin around your eyes.One of the most significant causes of skin aging is photoaging, skin aging provoked by sun exposure. Sun damage may also make dark circles and wrinkles more prominent. Protect skin around your eyes with Eye Care Cream Clinik SPF10.
The most gentle and natural way to moisturise your skin is to use oil. Face and body oils wouldn’t leave a greasy feeling on your skin. Tegoder face and body oils are free from parabens.
All our cleansers and makeup removers are free from parabens and based on natural active ingredients.
Face mask is an effective way to deliver active ingredients to your skin. A lot of masks are designed to purify your skin, while others would moisturise and nourish it. Tegoder offers a variety of masks to match any skin type or condition. All Tegoder face masks are paraben free. If you are looking for purifying effect or have oily or combination skin try Perfect Skin Mineral Mask II for oily skin or Oil Clean Line Purifying Mask. Perfect Skin Mineral Mask I for dry skin deeply moisturises skin and makes it less flaky or irritated. Absolute Fusion Face Mask helps to even skin surface and helps with fine lines and wrinkles. Wide Eyes Beauty Mask is applied overnight and is specifically designed for improving eye contour area.
The Bioespaña brand is a pioneer in the production and distribution of food supplements based on natural ingredients, which provide the body with active ingredients to combat blemishes, weak joints and other beauty disorders. Phytobiodermie is a classical skincare methodology in the world of cosmetics. With more than three decades in the market, this Swiss brand distributed in Spain by Grupo TEGOR provides outstanding results in facial, body and hair care, thanks to its unique products and methodologies. In addition, all products are free of parabens and employes natural antioxidants instead of synthethic ones.These food supplements help your skin and body stay beautiful and healthy.

Gold Orchid Cotton Line is an exclusive line of luxury-class – provides great care for the most demanding skin, returns its natural beauty, youth and health.Gold Orchid Cotton Line – is unique in its composition cosmetics line. The main active ingredients of the line are rare extracts of 4 species of orchids (golden orchid, phalaenopsis orchids, vanilla scented) in combination with cotton, grape seed oil, shea butter, coenzyme Q10, vitamins and minerals.

Tegor Group laboratory specialists chosed only the best natural ingredients and created a extremely effective, perfectly balanced, patented formula, the effect of which is truly boundless. 

Products have no age restrictions, and are perfect for dehydrated, damaged, sensitive skin, “stressful” and tired skin, works well with age-related changes (wrinkles, age spots, dull complexion, sagging skin, etc.).

The complex of active ingredients restores the natural hydro-lipid balance of the skin, enriches it with valuable trace elements, oxygen and energy, protects against aggressive environmental influences, improves microcirculation and blood circulation, stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, immunostimulant, antioxidant actions. Thus, skin gets perfect look and remains young and beautiful for many years.

Enerhair line products help hair to stay healthy and strong, while promoting its growth and preventing hair loss. These products show the best results when used together.
Tegoder hand lotions an creams provide nutrition to the skin and make your hands velvety soft. All our hand creams are paraben free too.
Professional rapid treatment that fights fat and cellulite simultaneously. Lipo Glaucin Body Line by Tegoder Cosmetics consists of body correction products with powerful lipolytic, draining and lifting effects. Lipoglaucin is based on an innovative active base made by a neuropeptide that draws lipolysis in lipocytes (fat cells) and a multifunctional molecule that triggers lipolysis and inhibits the creation of new lipocytes. Lipoglaucin favours the reversion of the fatty tissue, reducing the buildup of lipids within the lipocytes and destroying the fat within the fatty tissue. The unique ingredient glaucine launches a number of processes: digests fat into fatty acids, blocks the conversion of normal cells to the fat ones in the body, eliminating the possibility of hypertrophy (increase in volume and weight) of fatty tissue. Strengthens collagen and elastin fibers synthesis and corrects the effects of uncontrolled weight gain. Due to these properties, the professional treatment based on Lipoglaucin visible reduces cellulite appearance and helping sking to recover its firmness. 

The active components of the line: carnitine, red orange essential oil, lemon extract, an extract of red algae (Chondrus Crispus), green tea leaf extract, papaya (papain), glaucine, caffeine, lecithin and glucose accelerate metabolic processes and have a pronounced t lymphatic drainage effect. Caffeine and carnitine help to reduce body fat.
Tegoder Men’s Skincare Line by Tegor Group specially designed for the men’s skin taking into account its characteristics. The line consists of a few products: shaving balms and creams enriched with plant extracts, vitamins and amino acids. Due to the unique components skin becomes even, soft and smooth.

All our products, including moisturisers are paraben free. We have a choice of skin moisturisers to suit any skin type. If you interested in body moisturisers – continue to our collection of body lotions and creams. At Tegoder, we have a selection of moisturises to fit any skin and need. From thermal spray water to ultra revitalising serums – all our moisturisers are completely paraben free. If you are looking for a moisturiser with a sunblock, check the TDC Clinik Skin Total Solution Cream SPF15, this cream will moisturise and protect your skin from sun at the same time. If you are suffering from eczema or any other skin condition which makes your skin reactive and irritative – try Tegoder’s ONC Face Cream. The ONC line was developed specifically for skins requiring specific care and attention.


Moisturisers are essential to modern skincare for a couple of reasons: they prevent skin from being itchy; make up stays longer and foundation doesn’t form small lines if applied over the moisturiser. They hydrate skin and protect it from being flaky and also maintain the appearance of wrinkles – they look more pronounced on a dehydrated skin.

Anti-blemish products for oily and normal skin. The unique combination of powerful ingredients achieves significant results after just a few applications: reduces appearance of inflammations and dark spots, skin becomes perfectly clean, smooth, matt and soft.

Oil Clean Line by Tegoder Cosmetics specifically designed for oily skin and treating its specific problems: inflammation, seborrhea and blackheads. Regular use of these anti blemish products enhance antioxidant defenses and accelerate the process of renovation, will help to normalize sebum production, and helps to achieve a fresh, smooth and matte velvety skin.

ONC Dermology is a line formulated with natural active ingredients, which bases its high efficiency on 100% natural baobab oil, avocado and mango extracts, fruits which are getting increasing attention by the scientific community. Helps the skin tissues re-establish during irritating processes: reduce inflammation, develop a powerful vaso-protective action, reinforce the natural skin barrier and defence functions.

Together with other natural active ingredients, such as jojoba, grape seed and olive oils, Shea butter and vitamins E and F ingredients ensure intensive action.  (*) Certified by EcocertProducts’ composition, rich in natural active ingredients, provides the ONC Dermology products with a remarkable intensive effects: moisturising, repairing,softening,reduce skin redness, soothing. 

All the above makes ONC Dermology a cosmetic line created to help both the skin balance and the natural vitality of the skin and its annexes (nails and hair) and restore skin requiring special care: highly dehydrated and lack-of-lipids skins, sensitive and reactive, peeling and flaking, inflamed skin suffering from redness, with dermatitis: atopic, radiodermitis, etc, with eczema, psoriasis or rosacea, exposed to pollution and other adverse environmental factors or subjected to oncological treatments**  (**) ONC Dermology allows to correctly prepare skin correctly for receiving an oncological treatment, and also minimising the negative effects that these aggressive medical treatments might have on it. 

Oriental skin line is the optimal solution for solving all the problems associated with the skin imperfections.This line is extremely versatile: it prevents the first signs of skin aging, reduces skin hypersensitivity and its responsiveness to external factors.

Due to the lactic acid, pumpkin nectar, water-retaining ingredient Imperata cylindrical, hyaluronic acid, chitin and collagen, your skin is filled with energy and get natural-matte and healthy looking finish.

Perfect Skin I line is designed specifically for for dry, sensitive or irritated skin.It recovers moisturising qualities of the skin. Fights dryness, flaking, irritation and other issues of extra sensitive skin.

Tegoder Cosmetics Perfect Skin Line consists of different groups of products: effective care for dry and sensitive skin, normal to oily skin and anti aging and maturing.

Active ingredients are microelements, zinc, sulfur, copper, silicon, silicon, manganese, germanium, of cobalt, and oleic acid, sesame seeds, chitin and collagen.

Dry and sensitive skin products are based on an exclusive ingredient Budeleja Davidii, which helps your skin to cope with the irritation and dryness. Anti-age products contain extracts of exotic plants Ceratonia Siliqua (carob), they help to keep the elasticity and the skin’s moisture balance.

Perfect skin 2 is formulated to support and nuorish combination or oily skin.

It works towards normalization of the sebaceous glands. Eliminates acne, blackheads, pimples and various skin inflammations and evens out skin surface.

Active ingredients are microelements, zinc, sulfur, copper, silicon, silicon, manganese, germanium, of cobalt, and oleic acid, sesame seeds, chitin and collagen.

Tegoder Cosmetics Perfect Skin Line consists of different groups of products: effective care for dry and sensitive skin, normal to oily skin and anti aging and maturing.  

Products for oily and normal skin are based on the extract of Coleus forskohlii, it has a calming and antimicrobial action, regulates sebum production. Anti-age products contain extracts of exotic plants Ceratonia Siliqua (carob), they help to keep the elasticity and the skin’s moisture balance.

Serums are highly concentrated products which are packed with multiple active ingredients. They provide significant skin improvements within short periods of time. All our serums and other skincare products are paraben free.
Professional products for professional and home use.

Our disposable products guarantee economy, hygiene and comfort for beauticians and their clients.

Beauty supplies: moisture absorbing disposable wipes for face and body and towels for cosmetic procedures, disposable bedsheets and couch rolls for cosmetic beds and massage tables

Manicure and pedicure supplies: nail polish remover wipes and disposable lint-free wipesSPA and beauty salons disposable supplies: disposable towels, disposable bed sheets, sanitary face and body wipes

All Etto products are made from non woven fabric which is better than traditional paper disposable products due to it revolutionary qualities.

Nonwoven fabric, also known as SMS,SMMS, SMMMS stands for spunbond + meltblown + spunbond nonwovens. Products made from spunbond material are more durable and soft than paper disposable products. They have cotton-like qualities but cost a lot less.

Etto has been established in 2004. Since 2004 Etto has proved itself as a reliable multi-profile company that creates innovative products and optimum solutions for beauty businesses. One of priority directions of the company is production of disposable products for beauty industry EttoTM. Usage of EttoTM products significantly raises the total level of culture of cosmetology and medical service, provides hygiene safety, makes the personnel work easier, allows reaching significant saving in laundry and disinfection products, reduces the time to prepare for procedures.

Etto pays thorough attention to the product quality and safety.

EttoТМ nonwoven fabric products are hypoallergenic, hygroscopic, have improved aesthetic and consumer features, hygienic and safe.

All products under EttoTM correspond to the Technical Regulations and have hygiene certificates of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.

Etto is oriented to development and improvement of its production, purchase new equipment, automate production processes, organize business processes and logistics in order to quickly respond to customers’ demands and wishes.

Our top selling products are disposable cosmetic wipes and disposable towels. Cosmetic disposable wipes are extremely versatile due to their medium size. Wipes could be used for face or body procedures. They are made from soft and lint free nonwoven fabric which is perfect for sensitive face skin.

Our disposable towels are very well suited for beauty salons and hairdressers. Due to the fabric qualities towels can absorb more moisture than cotton does and they are also hypoallergenic which is important for excellent customer service.
One of the  most influential factors for skin aging is photo aging, which happens due to sun exposure. To keep your skin as healthy and fresh looking as possible, don’t forget to incorporate sunblocks into your makeup routine even on rainy days. Our product line includes two sunscreens with spf 50, which don’t leave white cast on the skin. All our sunsreens are paraben free too. Sun Block SPF 50 for body comes in a convenient spray bottle.
Our skincare product sets are designed to effectively tackle specific skin problems. Each of the sets is a complete treatment. Tegoder has a variety of sets to match various skin problems. Tegoder sets could be a perfect gift as well, if you are not sure whether specific set would be suitable for someone- get in touch with us and our certified beautician will advise you on that.
Brightens skin, eliminates brown spots and blemishes of various origins