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Whitening Lux Exfoliating Set

Whitening Lux Cream

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Face Whitening Cream

Whitening Lux Line includes a range of face brightening creams that are based on the most advanced cosmetic science in order to efficiently treat the loss of brightness and reduce the appearance of blemishes on the skin. This Whitening Lux Cream with antioxidant actions is to be used day and night to maintain a brighter and flawless skin tone. 

Size: 50ml

How to use: apply to the face and neck morning and evening after Whitening Lux Lotion.

Active ingredients: gene-whitening and glaring peptide, retinol, arbutin, glabridine and glycyrrhetinic acid, vitamin B3, chlorella bioferment and white lupine proteins.

Specific active ingredients and their actions:

  • Vitamin C – Whitening, Antioxidant

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