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Special Eye Care Serum

Special Eye Care Serum

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Eye Serum

Special Eye Care Serum has been specifically designed to target wrinkles and bags under eyes. It moisturises and smooths out the skin under and around the eyes. 

The eye contour area is extremely sensitive and fragile, as this skin is from five to ten times thinner than that of the rest of the face. Moreover, it is exposed to continuous wear due to its continuous mobility: blinking, laughing, eye rubbing, the intense mobility of muscles, etc. With the passing of time, all this causes a progressive reduction of the skin tone and elasticity, which is also worsened by certain habits such as sun exposure.

The scarce thickness, low fat content and collagen and elastine supply, make the eye contour a very sensitive area with a high necessity of special care; thus, these symptoms can be considerably reduced.

Size: 20ml

How to apply the eye serum: apply on a daily basis in the morning
and/or in the evening and massage until the area until it is totally absorbed.


  • Anti-inflammatory properties which helps to decongest¬†skin under eyes.

Active Ingredients: hyaluronic acid, bisabolol, bilberry extract, vitamin A (retinol), chlorella extract.


  • Aloe Vera -¬†Moisturising, Regenerative, Soothing
  • Butcher‚Äôs broom -¬†Vasoconstrictor, Anti-oedematous, Anti-inflammatory
  • Lemon -¬†Circulatory, Lightening, Antioxidant
  • Oats -¬†Soothing,¬†Softening
  • Vitamin E -¬†Antioxidant, Regenerative
  • Vitamin F -¬†Repairing
  • Jojoba and sesame oils -¬†Nourishing, Moisturising,¬†Softening
  • Oligopeptide system extracted from brewer‚Äôs yeast -¬†Regenerative,¬†Stimulating


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