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Perfect Skin Mineral Cream II

Perfect Skin Mineral Cream II

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Perfect Skin Cream

Perfect Skin Mineral Cream II contains a blend of oilgominerals and natural active ingredients with antiseptic and anti-inflammation properties for oily and combination skin, non-infectious acne, skin with impurities and/or eczema.

A great number of skin enzymes that run biochemical exchanges, both in the dermis and in the epidermis, require a permanent bioavailability of those chemical elements, so the lack of minerals may be the origin of a deterioration of the good condition of the skin leading a number of beauty imperfections. Use Perfect Skin Mineral Cream II on a daily basis for noticeably improved skin.

Size: 50ml

How to use: apply daily by gently massaging into cleansed skin until it has totally absorbed. In order to strengthen the treatment, it is highly recommended to use in conjunction with Perfect Skin II Vitamin Serum.

Active ingredients: copper, silicon, zinc, sulphur

Specific active ingredients and their actions:

  • Willow (natural source of salicylic acid)
  • Sebum balancing – Antiseptic, renewing, anti-inflammatory, depurative
  • Wild palmetto - Sebum balancing, argan, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, regenerative
  • Sesame – Moisturising, revitalising
  • Vitamin E acetate – Antioxidant, regenerative
  • Iris – Soothing, decongesting: it reduces pore size, it fights skin outbreaks
  • Imperata cylindrica – Moisturising, osmotic balancing

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