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Lipoglaucin Crema: Anti-Cellulite And Body Shaping Cream

Lipoglaucin Crema: Anti-Cellulite Body Shaping Cream

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Lipo Reduce Cream

Lipo Glaucin Cream is a unique revolutionary product for body contour correction and firming.

The cream is based on a unique patented complex; Lipoglaucin, which has a powerful fat-burning lymph drainage and detoxifying effect. The effect is achieved mainly due to its special component: plant-based alkaloid glaucine.

Tegor Laboratories experts conducted a study and found truly amazing properties of glaucine when applied externally. They found that glaucine blocks the formation of fat cells and prevents their accumulation; at the same time it starts the process of fat digestion.

Furthermore, glaucine alters the structure of the fat cell itself, greatly reducing its volume, resulting in drainage of fluid from the intercellular spaces and the restoration of microcirculation. Thus, it results in a visible anti-cellulite effect, with significantly reduced amount of fat. In addition, glaucine stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, instantly restoring skin elasticity, especially after rapid weight changes.

Glaucine actions are multiplied due to other, equally effective cream components: carnitine, papain, caffeine, red orange essential oil, lemon and bitter orange extracts and green tea leaf extract.

In addition to their pronounced lipolytic properties, they strengthen blood vessels, improve skin regeneration, and normalise all metabolic processes occurring in the skin. They also improve lymph and blood circulation and help to eliminate toxins from the cells, filling them with oxygen and energy. Therefore, Lipoglaucin cream helps to quickly restore skin tone and solve various body contour problems such as excess weight, cellulite, swelling and congestion, varicose veins, stretch marks and scars, as well as age-related deterioration of the skin).

Action Cream provides impressive, instant and lasting results from the very first days of application. The skin becomes significantly tighter, its appearance improves, it rejuvenates, becomes stronger, denser, more elastic and also soft and smooth. Cream helps reduce weight and lessen the amount of body fat and cellulite severity. Stretch marks become less noticeable, and new ones may completely disappear. Efficiency of the product has been confirmed by laboratory tests.


Apply twice a day, every morning and night with light massage movements. Apply cream on your problem areas (outer and inner thighs, buttocks and stomach, hips, hands, knees etc.). Let it absorb fully.


Glycerin, acetyl, hexapeptide, carnitine, blood orange essential oil , lemon extract, an extract of red algae (Chondrus Crispus), a bitter orange extract, green tea leaf extract, papaya (papain), glaucine, caffeine, lecithin, glucose, hirudin, cocoglucoside from starch and coconut oil.

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