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Hydra O2 Vitamin Collagen Serum

Hydra O2 Vitamin Collagen Serum

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Collagen Face Serum

Day and night moisturising, oxygenating and repairing double action serum for all skin types that combines two complementary formulations to provide moisturisation and nutrition to the skin.

Cellular youth keeps while DNA stays in perfect conditions; that is, while it is protected by telomers, the ends of chromosome, which shorten and deteriorate in successive replications. However, in order to prolong the skin youth, it is necessary to act, as soon as possible on the progressive shortening of telomers, in order to achieve an increase of cell life expectancy.

Size: 30 ml

How to apply collagen face serum

Apply serum 1 and serum 2, together or individually, on cleansed and toned skin of face and neck. Complete the treatment with the Absolute Fusion cream that fits the skin necessities.

Active ingredients: Geranylgeranone, pink quartz and ruby powder, collagen, hyaluronic acid.

Serum 1:

  • Organic Silicon -¬†Restructuring: it maintains the threedimensional
    architecture of the conjunctive tissue, Regenerative, Renewing: it provides suppleness
  • Vitamin E - Antioxidant,¬†Protective,¬†Regenerative
  • Vitamin F -¬†Repairing: it restores the barrier¬†function, it reduces transepidermal
    water loss, Moisturising
  • Chondrus crispus -¬†Moisturising, Softening

Serum 2:

  • Brewer yeast - Regenerative,¬†Nourishing: high content¬†in B group vitamins
  • Centella Asiatica -¬†Regenerative:¬†it stimulates collagen formation, Firming: it favours¬†collagen synthesis,¬†Toning

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