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Eye Care Cream Clinik Spf10

Eye Care Cream Clinik SPF10

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Eye Cream with SPF

This eye cream from Tegoder’s Clinik Line includes SPF 10 to avoid potential damages caused by sun exposure. The cream is designed to bring rejuvenating effects to the skin around the eyes. It moisturises, soothes, eliminates swelling and evens out skin imperfections to meet the needs of sensitive skin.

This home use treatment covers all care needs for the eye contour. It stimulates skin repair and regeneration and has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects. The cream is hypoallergenic and paraben free and therefore suitable for sensitive skin.

Size: 20ml

How to apply eye cream with SPF

Apply in the morning over the eye contour, gently massaging the cream into the skin until it disappears.

Active ingredients: hyaluronic acid, butcher's broom, bisabolol, and vitamins A, E and F.

Specific active ingredients and their actions:

  • Hyaluronic acid - a substance with a high molecular weight keeps the water in the epidermis, stimulates recovery and regeneration.
  • Butcher's broom brings soothing, vasoprotective, anti-inflammatory and anti-swelling effects.
  • Bilberry strengthens capillary walls and reduces vascular permeability.
  • Bisabolol provides soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Vitamins A, E & F - renew, repair, with an antioxidant effect.



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