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Disposable Non Woven Jumbo Couch Rolls 0.8X500M

Disposable Non Woven Jumbo Couch Rolls 0.8X500M

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Nonwoven disposable couch rolls are perfect for beauticians, spas and massage salons. They are more durable and soft than paper disposable products. Etto couch rolls come in an extra long size, which allows them to last for 250 clients! Modern beauty and health industry professionals are obliged to use disposable bedsheets as bedding material for cosmetic procedures to ensure hygiene. Bedsheets of SMS in comparison with spunbond have better protective properties. They do not leave lint and due to the internal layer they do not let bacteria grow. Also, due to their softness and elasticity they provide pleasant contact with skin. Due to these qualities maximum protection and comfort are ensured during cosmetic procedures. The bedsheets come in various colours and universal sizes THREE LAYERS OF PROTECTION AND COMFORT Etto bedsheets are made of SMS-fabric - high technology combination of three layers. Absolute material hygiene. Efficiently protects from the smallest bacteria and microorganisms and prevents their growth. Due to their three layer structure Etto bedsheets do not break and do not lose their shape. ABSOLUTELY SAFE AND HYPOALLERGENIC Only natural materials. Etto bedsheets are hygienic and hypoallergenic, a perfect match for any cosmetic procedure and suit all types of skin even very sensitive. BREATHING BEDSHEETS The unique composition of the material assures free air circulation providing with the maximum comfort during procedures. LIGHT AND SOFT Keeping strong and high barrier properties Etto bedsheets are practically weightless and soft in touch just like silk. This is what without doubts makes Etto bedsheets a leader in application comfort. One more essential advantage of Etto is that our bedsheets do not leave lint even on wet skin