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Concentrate Of Native Collagen

Concentrate Of Native Collagen

Concentrated facial gel, suitable to be used after medical-aesthetic treatments addressed to filling in wrinkles, increasing volume and lifting effect: filler with aminoacids, elastin, collagen and/or hyaluronic acid; collagen stimulating techniques (collagen threads, dermaroller, radiofrequency, etc.), and also face lift.

Filmogen activity, which avoids transepidermal water loss, maintaining an optimal moisturisation level; firming and tightening effect that prevents dermal degradation and smoothes wrinkles; provides mechanical resistance, smootheness and firmness; and makes up for the collagen the skin loses with the passing of time, in order to maintain the skin's integrity.

Presentation: 50 ml.

Active ingredients: Soluble marine collagen, Spilanthes acmella extract, organic silicon,Chondrus crispus and vitamins E and F.