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Clinik Skin Total Solution Cream SPF15

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Tegoder Clinik Line Skin Total Solution SPF15 is a revitalising, regenerating and nourishing facial moisturiser. It protects your skin against photo-aging, leaving it supple, tightened and hydrated.

Hyaluronic acid based moisturiser

This hyaluronic acid moisturiser fights dryness and dehydration by providing intensive nutrition. Based on pure hyaluronic acid, oligo-peptides (growth factors), collagen, elastin, vitamins and bioactive minerals, it gives your skin younger, radiant and healthy look. It replenishes your skin with nutrients, stimulates cell production, helps with lack of firmness or elasticity.

This is a perfect moisturiser for someone who is suffering from a slightly sagging or flaccid skin or looking for a light day moisturiser with some sun protection.

Airless Jar

It also comes in an innovative airless jar that preserves the product since it reduces air contact (less oxidation) and finger contact during the application (less contamination).

This face moisturiser is made with hypoallergenic perfume, it is paraben free and contains no colourings. 

It combats wrinkles and fine lines, whilst providing intensive moisturisation, skin cells regeneration and restoring skin’ surface and making it look brighter.


Apply in the morning to a freshly cleansed and toned face and neck using gentle stroking movements.

Airless jar instructions:

Press on the end of the stripe and slide your finger firmly through the stripe, towards the other end of the stripe where the product will start to come out. During the first application you may have to repeat this operation several times until the product appears on the surface of the jar.

Main active ingredients

Hyaluronic acid, growth factors (sh-oligopeptide-1 / sh-oligopeptide-2 / sh-polypeptide-11 / sh-polypeptide-1 / sh-polypeptide-9), collagen, elastin, vitamins (C, A, E and F),  Vitamin B and bioactive minerals (silicon, zinc, copper, iron and magnesium).

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