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Clinik Microfensine Concentrate 30ml - Professional Use

Clinik Microfensine Concentrate 30ml - Professional Use

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This product can be purchased only by professional users such as beauticians, SPAs and salons. Please contact us to get access to competitive industry prices.

Size: 30ml (salon)

Tegoder Clinik Microfensine Concentrate is a face concentrate for professional use that induces the expression of ß-defensins, based on AD-3A (Acetyl Dipeptide-3 Aminohexanoate) and enriched with pure hyaluronic acid, highly skin protective and repairing.


  • It reinforces the skin natural immune system
  • It stimulates the first defence between the skin and the environment
  • It reduces the risk of possible infections
  • It increases moisture
  • It soothes the skin texture
  • It reduces flaws and redness
  • It promotes healing and epithelialisation


  • No perfume
  • Free of parabens
  • No colorants
  • No silicones

Ingredients: AD-3A (Acetyl Dipeptide-3 Aminohexanoate) and pure hyaluronic acid.

Application: exclusive professional use.

About Clinik line

TDC CLINIK is a cosmeceutical line especially designed to be applied in medical aesthetic treatments such as radiofrequency, laser, IPL, fillers, infiltrations, virtual mesotherapy, chemical peeling, Dermapunt microneedling, etc., and also for the daily skin care and maintenance, allowing strengthening and extending their effects.