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Black Orchid Moon Face Mask

Black Orchid Moon Face Mask

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Gel Face Mask

An innovative gel face mask that absorbs easily and protects, revitalises and restores your skin. The Black Orchid Moon line has been designed with an innovative approach that combines efficiency and sensorial qualities to achieve, in mature and aged skin, a global beauty.

Black Orchid Moon products, rich in active ingredients, develop an intense protective, revitalising and restorative action of the face skin essential architecture. The innovative formulations provide highly sensory textures that, together with the exquisite perfum of the line, free of allergens, provide a high skin well-being.

Size: 200ml

How to apply the gel face mask

Apply and spread evenly on face, neck and neckline and leave on for 20 minutes. Next, gently remove the excess of product or massage it till fully absorbed. Apply once a week. It is suitable to be used with radiofrequency devices

Active ingredients: black orchid, moon orchid, orchid stem cells, bakuchiol, tsubaki oil, vitamin E, anti-glycation system, Centella asiatica and vitamin C.

Specific active ingredients:

  • Centella Asi√°tica -¬†Repairing, Firming,¬†Anti-inflammatory,¬†Venotonic
  • Vitamin C -¬†Renewing,¬†Revitalizing,¬†Brightening,¬†Protecting

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