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Black Diamond Magnetic Mask
Black Diamond Magnetic Mask
magnetic face mask application

Black Diamond Magnetic Mask

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Innovative ultra-revitalising biomagnetic face mask that is using iron-rich formula to improve appearance of the skin. This mask combines the luxury and power of black diamond, black truffle and magnetic microparticles. Black Diamond Magnetic Mask fills skin with energy, remineralizes, repairs and brings luminosity, whilst leaving the skin wonderfully soft.

50 ml

Main active ingredients:
Black diamond: a luxurious variety of diamond particles stimulates and recharges the skin.
Black truffle: a mushroom known as black diamond consists of a powerful composition of nutrients capable of energizing and revitalizing the face skin cells.
Magnetic microparticles: with stimulating, oxygenating, revitalizing and detoxifying action.

How to use:
Spread evenly on the cleansed and dry face with the help of the spatula. Avoid eye contour. Leave on for 10-30 minutes. Next, wrap the TDC magnet in a tissue and pass it close to the surface of the skin to remove the mask. Magnetic particles will get lifted off of your skin by the magnet when you remove them. Replace the tissue to the clean one until the mask have been removed from the face. Clean the face with a dry tissue.