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B68 Queratin Keratin

B68 Queratin Keratin

Don‰ۡó»t let seasonal changes damage your skin, hair and nails.

B68 Queratin Keratin is a dietary supplement ideal for transitions between seasons like autumn and spring, when hair tends to fall, nails get weak and the skin suffers.

Its formula, made with natural ingredients, strengthens the hair and nails structure, and helps to avoid its loss and weakening. It also contributes to nourishing your skin and giving it a natural glow.

It is also recommended to take this product in cases of organic sulphur deficiencies.

This dietary supplement made of active ingredients that revitalise hair and nails.

  • It contains pumpkin seed extract, which works against androgenic alopecia (hair loss);
  • It provides sulphur with methylsulfonylmethane and sulphured aminoacid (cysteine and methionine) to favor the keratin synthesis
  • It made with tabashir bamboo, which is a source of silicon that strengthens hair and nails. Bamboo, rich in silica, organic mineral that helps improve muscular growth, nourishes the skin and strengthens hair structure.
  • And zinc, a deficit of which is related to alopecia too.
  • L-Cysteine, nonessential sulphur compound amino acid, with antioxidant properties. If consumed together with vitamin B6 it is a precursor for the keratin responsible of hair structure.
  • L-Proline and L- Lysine, amino acids that are abundant in the collagen, essential for an optimal biologic function.
  • L-Methionine, amino acid that contains sulphur, indispensable for nails, skin and hair health.
  • Methylsulfonylmethane, compound essential for the constitution of proteins, hormones, etc. With antioxidant action and anti-inflammatory effect. It fills any deficiency caused by an organic sulphur deficit in diets.


Take two to three capsules a day.


EFLA̴å¬, 150 mg; Bambusa arundinacea (bamboo tabasheer), 80 mg; methylsulfonylmethane, 50 mg; L-cysteine, 30 mg; L-methionine, 30 mg; zinc oxide, 4.11 mg.

Presentation: Box with 60 capsules.