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B47 Magnecol Magnesium & Marine Collagen

B47 Magnecol Magnesium & Marine Collagen

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Magnesium and hydrolysed marine collagen. Infusion that provides the hydrolysed marine collagen of the highest quality and hyaluronic acid to provoke a redensifying action of the dermal tissues and a repairing action of the cartilaginous tissues.

Vitamin C, apart from protecting against the damage caused by free radicals, is essential for fibroblasts to synthesised collagen.

Magnesium cooperates in the functioning of muscles and the nervous system and is one of the main components of bones, facilitating the absorption of calcium in bones and strengthens dermal structures.

The organic silicon stimulates the synthesizing of the collagen and glycosaminoglycans.

Ingredients: hydrolised collagen 9g; magnesium oxide 622 mg; bamboo 200 mg; vitamin C 80 mg; zinc oxide 375 mg; sodium selenite 4 mg.

Instructions: Take two doses dissolved in a glass of water daily. Doses weight: 5 g. Presentation: 300g.