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B41 Gras: Fat Burner Weight Loss Pill

B41 Gras: Fat Burner Weight Loss Pill

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High power fat burner that devours fat from the inside. Eliminate those extra pounds that you don't need with the B41 Fat Burner from Bioespaña.

Dietary supplement that reduces the assimilation of fat , accelerates your metabolism and reduces the amount of calories consumed. It's helpful during weight loss regimes and it can be used as a support during diets. Its intake is also recommended in special cases when the diet can't be fulfilled (i.e. Christmas period) to restrain the excessive amount of calories ingested.

B41 Gras Fat Burner from Bioespaña is a food supplement that reduces fat absorption and supports digestion. The combination of its ingredients act over the fatty tissues excess without affecting either the energy nor the vitality.

B41 Gras Fat Burner is a weight loss pill made from African Mango (Irvingia Gabonensis).

This product acts as a fat burner and also as a calorie blocker. It is based on four popular compounds for weight loss products such as the African Mango, camelina, L-Carnitine and Chitosan.

The African mango has been scientifically studied, and besides activating the metabolism it is excellent for satisfying hunger.

Instructions: Take two to four capsules daily before each meal.

Ingredients: Irvingia gabonensis (African mango), 100 mg; chitosan, 100 mg; L-carnitine, 80 mg; Camellia sinensis (camiline), 70 mg.

Action per component

 African Mango: satisfies hunger, burns fat

 Chitosan: restrains the body from absorbing fat

 L-carnitine: produces energy

 Camilina: diuretic, lipolytic

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