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B30 Magnesio: Magnesium Supplement

B30 Magnesio: Magnesium Supplement

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B30 MAGNESIO Nutritional supplement made of magnesium, the action of which helps in cases of lazy bowel and intestinal muscular weakness.

Magnesium is necessary for the transfer and release of energy; a lack of it reduces the muscular system and heart's resistance capacities, and also their adaptation to effort. Our cells need a continuous supply of magnesium to maintain proper smooth muscle function in your blood vessels.

It is an ally in situations of low intestinal motility (when the intestine starts to move slower given rhythmical contractions of the intestinal muscle, resulting in constipation.

Instructions: One spoon daily with liquid (juice, water, etc.)

Ingredients: 100% Magnesium carbonate. Presentation: Container of 200 gr.