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Oriental Skin One Step Dual Phase Cleanser

Oriental Skin One Step Dual Phase Cleanser

Double action lotion, which cleanses and tones in just one step, suitable for dehydrated skins with oily area.

One Step Cleanser: all-pumpkin qualities for your skin purity and freshness! The facial skin, neck and décolleté daily care, as these areas are the most susceptible to environmental influences, stress and health issues, so age faster than others. In order to maintain your skin's condition, the minimum skincare routine is required: cleansing, toning and moisturising. But you don't need to have three different products to achieve this. Tegoder Cosmetics offers the perfect solution - a two-phase cleanser-Oriental skin, created with "oil in water" technology.

On the one hand, it gently and carefully cleans the skin , removing make-up and various contaminants, on the other - it tones and vitaminizes your skin. Due to the main ingredient: pumpkin, the product shows a truly magical ability to improve skin. This tonic has a strong revitalizing effect, it restores the lipid balance of the skin (regulates T-zone), improves its firmness and elasticity, eliminates blackheads and prevents their appearance, reduces inflammation, neutralizes adverse environmental effects, increases the blood circulation, has excellent nourishing and emollient properties and nourishes the skin with vitamins (A, E et al.) while slowing down aging.

Another important ingredient, lactic acid, gently cleanses the skin,smoothsits structure and color, exfoliates dead skin cells and has a powerful regenerating, healing and anti-inflammatory effect. One Step Cleanser - perfect care for perfect skin!

Active ingredients:Glycerin, sodium chloride, ordinary pumpkin extract, lactic acid.

Application: The product suits all skin types, including sensitive. Shake before use. Apply lotion to a cotton pad and gently wipe the face, neck and décolleté. Rinsing is required. Then apply a moisturizing gel Pumpkin Nectar and a cream-gel Oriental Skin Gel.

Presentation:200 ml

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