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Deluxe Caviar Moisturising Serum

Deluxe Caviar Moisturising Serum

Moisturising, regenerating, and revitalising facial serum, which achieves a supple, tight and bright skin from the first application. A concentrate serum based on pure caviar that, in a very light and easily absorbed texture, provides all the benefits of this luxurious substance to the skin. Caviar extract is rich in beneficial active ingredients that nourish the skin: essential amino acids, proteins, trace elements and minerals, phospholipids and vitamins C, B2, B6, B12, C and A. Thanks to these active ingredients, pure caviar extract provides intense hydration, it's reaffirming and helps with toning, plus regenerates and restores skin. It also brightens the skin, reduces wrinkles, and regenerates cells and cellular structures. As a result you get toned, smooth and luminous skin from the very first application. Our recommendation is to use Caviar Deluxe Serum daily on clean skin, alone or with anti-aging habitual Tegoder Cosmetics treatment.

Presentation: 35 ml

Active ingredients: pure caviar extract.