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Black Truffle Brume Face Lotion

Black Truffle Brume Face Lotion

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Black Truffle Lotion Thermal Water Spray

Black Truffle Lotion Thermal Water Spray acts as an ultra-revitalizing face moisturiser that recharges skin with energy. It mineralises and hydrates skin in depth to provide regenerating effect.

Black truffles are rich in amino acids which are known to aid collagen production giving firmer and smoother skin and diminishing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps to increase skin antioxidant levels that provides protective shield of skin self-defence from the environment.


  • Mineralises, moisturises, repairs and regenerates the skin.




  • Natural recharge of energy and intensive moisturisation

Active Ingredients: black truffle and thermal water.

Application: apply on face, neck and neckline several times a day. It is recommended to be applied after the face cream in order to achieve the best results and highest moisturisation.

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