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B44 Antiedad Anti-Aging Infusion

B44 Antiedad Anti-Aging Infusion

B44 Antiedad Anti-ageing is an instant infusion composed of nutrients that are essential for those who have reached their thirties and onwards.

Antioxidant. Acts as a neutralizing agent against the free radicals' harmful effects. Consumption is necessary when you reach 30 years and onwards. From 30 years old the provision of certain nutrients reduce and ageing becomes more noticeable.

B44 Antiedad Antiaging combines noni, black grape, and blueberry, along with vitamins and minerals in a formula which creates a powerful antioxidant. It‰ۡó»s presented in a container with 20 sachets to dissolve in water or juice.

Presentation: Sachets of 4 grams each Instructions: Dissolve the content of a packet in a glass of water or juice.

Ingredients: Morinda citrifolia (noni), 500 mg; Vitis labrusca (fox grape), 400 mg; Vaccinium corymbosum(blueberry), 400 mg; zinc, 15 mg; selenium, 200 ̴åµg; vitamin A, 800 ̴åµg; vitamin C, 60 mg; vitamin E, 10 mg; excipients, q.s.