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After Shave Balsam For Men

After Shave Balsam For Men

After Shave Balsam is a calming and restoring product which is used after shaving. It was designed specifically for male skin suffering from dryness, irritation and inflammations. The balm does not contain alcohol, so suits perfectly even the most dry and sensitive skin. Its light texture and aroma pleases everyone. Our balsam has excellent moisturising, nourishing, regenerating and wound-healing properties, making it an indispensable tool for everyday use. Thanks to its unique composition the balm easily penetrates the skin, soothes irritation, eliminates dryness, flaking, gets rid of a sense of tightness in the skin, improves microcirculation and blood flow in the cells, restoring to the skin a healthy look and incredible smoothness.

Application: Apply a small amount of balm on the skin immediately after shaving with light patting movements. Leave to be absorbed.

Presentation:50 ml

Active ingredients: Allantoin, aloe vera and silk protein hydrolysate.